Krakow airport – the first point in Poland for travels from all over the world

Poland is open for tourists, and has perfectly organized air communication and international transport with other countries. In every big city there is a bigger or smaller airport serving particular airlines. I personally recommend to use Balice airport near my favourite city – Krakow! I’ve been in love with this capital of Malopolska since I was a child and I still am. Its climate and culture is impossible to imitate.

From the airport there are many possibilities to get to the city center. Due to the fact that it is only 20 km from the city, the journey takes only 30 minutes. I recommend to use Krakow airport VIP transfer. The services offered by the Krakow Direct company are really high level and every tourist will get to the hotel in comfort and safety.

Main sightseeing places

Thiscompany not only offers Kraków airport transfer, but also many interesting organized tours of the city and its surroundings, both for groups and individual clients. During your stay in this wonderful city you cannot do without a walk through the main square or visiting the former residence of kings – Wawel Castle. Children will be delighted by the dragon’s cave located there and the legend of the Wawel Dragon, who drank water from the entire Vistula River.

When planning a visit to Krakow it’s also worth taking into account the nearby Museum of Auschwitz or the National Museum. There are many interesting places on Krakow’s map for people interested in ancient and modern art. Historic churches, cemeteries and sculptures create a unique atmosphere, but the constantly developing metropolis weaves modern art and new technology into its history. All this can be easily seen and planned on your own, as the whole city is perfectly communicated and marked.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

A trip to the Wieliczka Salt Mine is very popular among tourists from all over the world. Every year the mine is visited by over a million visitors, more than half of which are foreigners. No wonder why so many people want to see this place. A trip to the Wieliczka Salt Mine is an unforgettable experience and an absolute “must see” if you visit Poland. The Wieliczka Salt Mine tour is 3 km long and takes about 4 hours. It includes 20 chambers – each different and distinctive. Among the chambers there are also magnificent chapels and a treasury. However, the most impressive is the main hall with the famous chandelier. Interestingly, they also made it out of salt. It is even possible to reserve this chamber for personal events, such as a wedding or concert.

Krakow Saltworks and Crystal Grottoes

Additionally, you can visit the Krakow Souper Museum, located on the third level. It contains another 14 chambers where you can see the history of the mine and the tools that were used to extract and transport the salt. There is also an exhibition on the history of the town of Wieliczka. When visiting the Wieliczka Salt Mine, you will have to walk up 800 stairs, so take comfortable shoes with you. However, the route is also adapted for people with disabilities. Apart from that, there is also the first underground reserve, called the Crystal Grottoes (lily-white grottoes). It has a unique halite crystal in quite a large quantity.

Gastro delight and high class hotel

Krakow has a very rich offer of accommodation and restaurants for its guests. Everyone will find something for himself here. In the very center as well as on the outskirts of the city there are plenty of sleeping facilities, high-class hotels with additional attractions or private accommodation for those more independent. Restaurants of all kinds are open on every corner, offering dishes from every part of the world. It is thanks to the cultural mix and openness of local residents, today we can experience restaurants run by native Hindus or Chinese.

It is also a must to feed a whole bunch of pigeons in the market square and try a fresh bagel in the morning. Numerous recently opened cafes serving specialty coffee, or artisan bakeries offering real yeast-raised cakes in the morning, can make every day more pleasant.

Where to go for a summer?

I wrote about it in a previous article on my blog. Poland is a beautiful country. Both sea and mountain fanatics will find here a place for themselves. Beautiful, spectacular Masuria, the Baltic Sea and the Tricity or high mountain expeditions to the Tatra Mountains and the Zakopane area. It is hard to decide.

All major cities in Poland have something worth seeing and experiencing. That’s why we write our blog, to bring you closer to the history of some places and to discover those known and unknown beautiful places in our country. You probably have no idea about ancient villages, medieval salt mines, castles of kings and remains of World War II hidden in the corners of Polish cities.

We encourage you to read our previous articles and to use the services of local guides, thanks to whom you can fully learn about the history and every nook and cranny of the place you are visiting.

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